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Courage + Humility

I was debriefing an engagement with a client that has gone exceptionally well and attributed it to two things: their courage and their humility.


French Bread

Like strategic leadership, is made of only a few ingredients.

Which makes their identification and execution critical.

Strategic Leadership, as I describe it to clients

Last Call

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That’s Fair

Is a common response I hear when debriefing 360 feedback with a leader who will use it to get even better.

And they do.

When Communicating

With your people, use “we,” “our,” and “us,” almost exclusively rather than “I” and “my.”

Works as effectively in town halls as in email bulletins.

In Case You Missed It

He isn’t playing by the rules.

Because he wants to reinvent them.

It’s risky.

A big play.

With very big players in the middle who


Is not feigning modesty or pretending to know less than we do.

It’s not about dimming one’s accomplishments, shrinking.

Instead, it’s knowing how big and

Crispy, Part 2

If you missed this blog on executive burnout, it might be worth a peek.

Because over the course of four client conversations last week,