Dog trainer #1: Came highly recommended.  Trained as a scientist, lots of dog knowledge, running her own business.  During our initial consult of 15 minutes, she was curt, impatient, rushed and concluded the call at minute 13.  She didn’t give any general recommendations for my training questions, that would have to wait until the private lesson, which was required before enrolling in a class.  After the call, I had a gnawing sense of unease about bringing my pup to her, despite her credentials.

Dog trainer #2: Came highly recommended.  No time limit to our initial consult, a wonderful sense of humor which put me at ease immediately, made recommendations for which class my new pup and I would likely be best suited, and gave us the option to try that class (Canine Good Citizen) to see if it would be the right fit.  She also said that if we found it too advanced, we could always bump down to the basic class.  She thought the behaviors we’re working on are not only typical of a dog at his young age, but that the class is geared for them.  She addressed my questions and gave a recommendation.  Also the owner of the business, she said to let her know what class we decide on and she’d try to pop in and say hello.  I left the call excited, at ease, and knew I’d register.

For all I know, Dog Trainer #1 is a better dog trainer.

But I likely won’t ever become her customer.

I’m sharing this with you because it’s another example of your technical chops being table stakes the higher you rise in an organization.

It’s your other skills — particularly your ability to influence — that move the needle on your most important initiatives in your organization.

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