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Strategic Thinking Time

For what?

Looking at growth projections, targets, areas of opportunity

Evaluating your bench and succession

Planning your own visibility and thought leadership – topics, delivery

Leadership Loyalty

Things like actively overseeing career advancement, fighting for appropriate and fair metrics, going to bat for higher salaries and bonuses, encouraging stretch opportunities, monitoring the

The Value of Visual

It’s why your mission and vision is likely on the wall, why when clients are trying to change their thinking, I suggest putting it on

Leaders Listen

For themes and patterns.

For what might be coming.

For information that is in contrast to what they think and believe.

And to whomever they’re

Just Start

As temperatures dip this week, arriving for a run presents many moments of reasonable and reasoned arguments for not getting out of the car.


A Reminder

If you’re thinking about working with me in 2022, I’m offering a 20% discount on all offerings through December 31st, 2021 in honor of the

Disrupting Ourselves

What patterns of behavior do you want to disrupt in the new year?

Patterns of thinking?

Limits to your imagination?

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours an abundance of health, connection, sustenance, gratitude, rejuvenation, and the time to pause and drink it all in.

I will return

Free Stuff

A member of the Executive Forum reached out to me yesterday to tell me that they’d listened to the interview that Doug Satzman and