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10 Weeks

That’s it.

2020 will be gone.

And if you’re thinking that can’t come soon enough, I get it.  It’s been a heck of a year,

A Special Invitation

As someone who subscribes to my blog, I want to extend a personal invitation to you.

Seven months ago, when Crazy COVID turned things upside

Pandemic Playlist

Many of us have one, a compilation of favorites that sustains and entertains.

Over the last 7 months, I’ve listened to everything from Gaga to


Will be here before we know it.

Are you assembling your SLT this fall for a strategic session to outline revenue and risks, galvanize  effort

When Leaders Behave Poorly

They give tacit permission for others throughout an organization to behave in kind.

Leaders are standard-bearers.

The question is: Which standards?

For more on working


Horizontally on the bookshelf so I can see the titles with ease, are more books than I’ve ever read at one time.

Below is a

Behind Closed Doors

I’ve noticed an interesting relational contrast during the pandemic: Many of us have experienced some degree of strain in at least one of our closest

Influence Capital

Is based on more than goodwill.  That’s part of it.

But it also requires competence.

And a knowledge and true understanding of the bigger picture.

60 Days

My eyes overflow every time I visit the Lincoln Memorial.  Reading his words, absorbing their generosity and wisdom, I’ve wondered so many times what would

Stuck in a Rut?

What’s the one thing that will make the greatest difference if explored/accomplished/launched by the end of the year?



Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum

A Break from the News

Are you creating any?  Breaks, that is.

Consciously consuming the news rather than taking it all in, all the time?

There is a balance between

Living Outside the Box

I’ve been getting more requests to talk on resilience at conferences and inside organizations in the last three weeks than I have in the last