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Confidence Forgives

Any number of minor faux pas.

Fear enhances them.

But confidence sometimes gets confused with arrogance or contemptuousness or grandiosity.

It is none of those

This Morning

I got up and headed straight for the woods.  The outdoors was calling, and although there was much to be done, much that was pulling,

Your Coach

If what I’m seeing in Q1 is any indication, there is a pent-up demand for executive coaching.  If you’re looking, consider the following 9 criteria:

Incorporating Intuition

I was talking with several clients recently about the topic of intuition in decision-making and possible opportunities to use it in conjunction with reason and

My Favorite Question for 360 Conversations?

The last: “Is there anything else you’d like to add?”

The Magnificent Leadership® Ascension program is designed specifically for bold leaders who want to create a lasting imprint of meaningful

Archimedes Takes a Tub

You know the story, yes?  Mathematician and scientist Archimedes gets into the bathtub and comes out with the formula for volume.

Earlier this month in

Repetition is Reputation

What are you repeating?

Come in from the cold for a brief application conversation to join 2021 Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum.  It’s cozy in this vibrant, trusted learning

Le Week-End

A bit fatigued?  Frayed around the edges?

Know that you’re in good company.  Just about everyone I spoke with this week is talking about it. 

Rapt Attention

A few of the many nuggets from Glen Tullman’s chat at the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum last night:

There is more innovation in business model

Chapter 7

I once heard a presenter at a conference, a consultant, declare without reservation or hesitation, that they were smarter than their clients.

My first thought

Wish List

Below is an initial interview wish list for On Love and Relationships℠, my new podcast.  If you have suggestions for how to contact someone, please

Sex is Another Planet

That was one of the observations that Ian Kerner, renowned sex and relationship specialist, shared during this afternoon’s taping of the inaugural episode of

Spring is Coming

Even if you’re sitting in a place looking out the window to snow and icicles, like many of my clients.

I saw robins – lots

What Clients are Reading

Fiction and Non.



Business books, not so much.

The pages I’m turning these days, some still months later:

A Promised Land by Barak

Connection During Disconnection

Many clients are telling me that despite the challenges of WFH, they’re feeling connected to their team in ways they hadn’t before.

As we Zoom,

Manolos for Meetings

Of the few newsletters that I subscribe to, two of them arrived this morning with similar messages about combating pandemic fatigue.

Which was exactly what

What Comes Naturally

Is likely where you add the greatest value.  (A truism from one of my first coaching mentors.)

And not only can you not see it,

Before I Reconsider

At last night’s Executive Forum, we discussed 2021 commitments, and I asked about a fulcrum, something that makes everything else better.

5 months ago, I