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Coming Out of the Gate

The beginning of the year is the dreamy part.

It’s full of imagination and new beginnings and what could be.

Essential to creating the future.

Humility Never Goes Out of Style

Even when you’re at the top of your game.

Even if you’re super-versed in your field.

Last Friday morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing

Reconnect Retreat

Oranges and apples.

Some canned soup.


My running shoes.


The essentials that get thrown hastily into a bag before leaving for the beach.

Aptitude and Appetite

Aptitude is important.

Appetite perhaps more so.

Are you hiring for both?

Unique Ways of Working Together in 2021:

Brand New!  Announcing the Magnificent Leadership®


When Matt Rhodes-Kropf popped in to the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum earlier this month as our guest speaker, it was to share his take on

I Don’t Have the Time

For strategic time.

That’s the indicator that you have to carve it out.

Unique Ways of Working Together in 2021:

The Magnificent Leadership® Ascension program is designed

Can We Talk About Envy?

When we feel envy, we can do two things with it (once we’ve identified that’s what’s going on).

The first is to victimize ourselves (some

On this Day

I am re-posting a blog that I wrote last summer:

I was looking for a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. that has always been


Is not for the end.

Not a creation or consideration for the twilight hours.

It is an inner orientation that we choose to follow.


Concierge Consulting for 2021

Not a template.

Or a formula.

Or a methodology for the masses.

Instead: Laser focused.  Attuned.  Tailored.


For you.

Your business.

Your life.



Is not soft.

Or empty.

Or fluffy.

It is generative.

Of our ideals.

Which are equal parts aspiration and standard.

The measures by which we

Still Shaken?

Me, too.

That’s a good thing.