Or better asked: Why you?

I promised you an updated list of offerings, and that is coming to you next week.  In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to share the 3 most common reasons that c-suite executives choose to work with me.

  • You are have entered — or are preparing for — a bigger, more responsible, more visible role where the spotlight is brighter, the P&L larger, the stakes higher. You’re likely drinking from a firehose, and you want to shortcut the learning curve, accelerate your wins, and minimize any missteps during that first critical year.  Our focus is on identifying your highest value, getting you out of the weeds and into building a Self-Correcting Team℠, growing a robust sphere of influence up and across your organization, enhancing your executive presence, and successfully delivering on the key initiatives you’re tasked with.
  • You are a forward-thinking CEO or senior executive leader and you regularly seek out fresh perspectives to optimize your performance and the performance of your organization. Excelling is your standard in an ever-changing and uncertain business climate.  You want a trusted confidant and sounding board, someone you can discuss anything with, who will bring a fresh outside perspective, be a thought partner, and illuminate any blind spots.  And, because you know that the better your team is, the better you are able to lead, in these engagements we often include some work with your senior leadership team.  These engagements are highly customized and are tailored to your specific goals and objectives.  For yourself, your leadership team, and the business.
  • The third is when you want me in your back pocket and we work together outside your organization. You may be a senior executive asking the ‘what’s next’ question after working successfully in a long career and considering your next chapter of work and life.  You want to do something that will have impact and meaning, and although you have ideas, it’s hard to know where to begin.  You want someone in your corner to help guide you in navigating the wide open road ahead.  The other two reasons you might want to work with me without organizational input are that you’ve accepted a new role or are considering finding one.  In each of these scenarios, we identify your goals work together toward your desired outcomes.

If any of these situations are resonant, you can find me here to set up a time to chat so I can learn more about you and we can discuss how I might be of support in a meaningful way.  My next openings are in April.

Comprehensive list of offerings coming to you next week.