A client said this.

After asking to chat and run something by me.

My response was a fit of laughter (they have a dry and really great sense of humor), and I told them that theirs was an even better comment than the client who said I made them want to vomit.

Great testimonials.

Humor aside, in both cases, what was happening was that the suggestions I made collided with their limiting beliefs.

This can be pretty uncomfortable.

Some limits are real, for sure.  I won’t ever win the Boston marathon, even if I qualified for it.

But so much of what constrains us is self-imposed.

And the genesis of that constraint lies in our thinking, in those quiet, limiting beliefs that are so stealth and yet so powerful that we make decisions using them.

We all have limiting beliefs.

Yes, me, too.

Fear is often at the root of them.

Maybe always.

Fear of how we’ll be perceived (mean, harsh, unfair, unfit, too soft/demanding, etc.)

Fear of not being (smart, good, capable, decisive, etc.) enough.

Fear of rocking the boat.

Of standing out, of being excluded, of not being liked.

Of upsetting someone (and then what?).

The list is infinite, really.

And stretching through those beliefs to become more can be uncomfortable.

Even if it feels exactly right.

Even if it makes you want to vomit sometimes.


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