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If you’re considering executive coaching, go here to read the three most common reasons leaders like you engage with me.

New!  Authoritative Influence℠ Mastermind

This brand new program comes directly from client demand.  If you want to become a practitioner of Authoritative Influence℠ and are looking for a confidential space with like-minded peers to discuss, solution, and strategize to lead bigger initiatives with greater success and fewer roadblocks, this hybrid program combines peer interaction and thinking with direct coaching and content from me.

The AIM Program Includes:

One year peer group coaching program and mastermind of 12 months, beginning April, 2024

Monthly virtual meetings of 2 hours, calendared in advance, so you can attend from anywhere

– Pre-work for customized Authoritative Influence℠ development

Authoritative Influence℠ Personal Map and Inventory

Unlimited, private access to me between sessions for follow up coaching and questions

– No more than 8 participants to ensure group cohesion and air time for all

– Focus on understanding, building, and leveraging Authoritative Influence℠ in real time

– I’ll be sharing brand new IP at every session on the 8 key factors for Authoritative Influence℠ including: Skilled Storytelling, Building Robust Coalitions, Defusing Detractors, Avoiding Landmines, and more!

– Members bring specific challenges for group solutioning + coaching from me

Fee: $12,500 Annual Membership

This unique program is the most accessible of all my offerings and already has accepted applicants.  It will fill quickly.

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We begin in April.  The best, most successful leaders are leaders of influence.

New!  Authoritative Influence Keynote and Workshop

Content rich, practical, and filled with real-world narratives and client examples, this can be delivered as a keynote or workshop and is customized to your organization and team.  Below is a snippet of content, for more go here:

We know it when we see it.  Leaders who move mountains and from coalitions, who see the whole picture and don’t get derailed.  They’re known for successfully taking high stakes initiatives over the finish line.  And getting the necessary buy-in from the right people.  Sometimes they’re patient and sometimes they push; they know what’s right for the moment.  They are practitioners of Authoritative Influence.  In this talk, you’ll learn the 8 key factors for Authoritative Influence and how to harness them immediately in addition to the 3 most common pitfalls to look out for.

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New! The Magnificent Leadership® Live Annual Event: October 17+18 in Raleigh

Limited to no more than 15 senior executives, this unique business leadership event combines front-of-the-pack peers with candid conversations behind closed doors, small working groups, content from yours truly, and outstanding guest speakers.  (Did I mention that we’re at a 5-star property located 10 minutes from the airport?)  This year’s agenda is being finalized now, and seats are being purchased. Past speakers include: Glen Tullman, Brad Wilson, Eugene Flood, Dana O’Donovan, Nick Schact, Janet Bridges, Ken Johnson, and Mary Penny Kelley. 

Registration fee is $1500 and includes a cocktail reception on the evening of October 17th, full day’s program on October 18th and gourmet breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  We will have a favorable room rate at the property.  Members of the same team may attend for a discounted fee of $1000/registration.  Many participants return each year and bring their deputies.

Go here to reserve your spot.  This event is the only live event I offer, and it will sell out. 

Don’t delay.  Attendees say there is nothing else like it.

To see last year’s program, go here. 

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New!  Magnificent Leadership® Peer Learning Cohorts Inside Your Organization

One client approached me to do this, and then another, so I’ve created an offering.

You select who participates, we customize the content for once monthly meetings that leverage my executive coaching with peer accountability and learning.  Topics might include: delegation and getting out of the weeds, candid conversation and accountability, how to coach team members, strategic leadership and influence across the organization, building a Self-Correcting Team℠, etc.  Practical and applicable tools and strategies for your superstars and seasoned leaders, alike.  Minimum 7 participants, Maximum 12.  Virtual, in-person, and hybrid offered.  Additional options available that include private coaching from me, individual development planning, 360 evaluation, strategic team sessions, and more.  This is one of my most accessible coaching offerings and leverages executive coaching with peer learning.  To discuss whether this program would be a good fit for your organization, drop me a note:

Coaching and Consulting Offerings:

Team Performance:  If your team is anything like those I consult with, they may be working hard but they’re not as on point as you need them to be, not as efficient and responsive as fluctuating business circumstances dictate.  You want to build a Self-Correcting Team℠ that functions with trust, accountability, candor, and limberness, one that can pivot and respond, and where you’re not the central hub of communication.  These sessions can be done in conjunction with executive coaching of several “fulcrums” on your team (those who will raise and leverage others as they up their own game) or stand alone.  On site or remote, depending on scheduling.  On site recommended.  These strategic team sessions are highly customized and include prep work, my Self-Correcting Teams℠ materials, and a debrief with me afterward.  This is the bulk of the work that I’m asked to do with senior leadership teams.  Tailored to your team’s needs and objectives.  For more:  To read what clients are saying go here.

Trusted Guide to the CEO:  You and I partner to work on any number of strategic issues that are of greatest import to you and maximizing business results: succession, senior leadership team performance, risk identification and mitigation, development of top performers, and increasingly getting out of the weeds to a more strategic focus, to name just a few.  Can be a stand alone engagement with you, the CEO, or used in conjunction with strategic team work and executive coaching of some of your leadership team.  Unlimited, unrestricted access to me.  I am your thought partner, sounding board, confidant, and idea generator.
Customized, confidential, strategic.  To inquire, contact me here.

Magnificent Leadership® Ascension — Private Leadership Guidance: For exemplary leaders who have achieved significant success and are driven and propelled to the next level of contribution and meaning in their lives and asking the ‘what’s next’ question.  You want holistic, comprehensive, confidential, bespoke coaching and guidance where we focus on business, life, dreams, leadership, and impact and you get to show up as you, the person.  Fees currently begin at 150K annually.  2 openings left for 2024.  Highly customized.  To learn more and apply:

Executive Coaching: Leading in a New and Bigger Role: You are preparing for — or have landed in — a bigger, more visible, more responsible role and you want to have as much success as possible while minimizing your missteps.  You can spend the first 6 months hitting the ground running, gathering momentum and confidence, and building influence for a stellar first year.  Or you can do it by trial and error and likely dig a hole that you later have to claw your way out of.  That’s not what I say; that’s what clients say.  Comprehensive, customized coaching begins at 45K for 6 months for executives and senior leaders.

In Your Back Pocket Private Coaching:  For those who want executive coaching and a trusted, confidential guide, coach, and sounding board outside of their organization.  Reasons might include: leading in a new in a role, considering next career moves, or wanting to shortcut your learning curve to get to real revenue as a consultant/coach.

The Quarterly Trusted Guidance Annual Program: You want to increase the time, energy, attention, and bandwidth that you have to spend on your highest value work as a leader, but find you’re spending too much time in the weeds and unable to extract yourself.  The Quarterly Trusted Guidance Annual Program is designed to be light on your calendar with concentrated input from me so you can execute immediately and get relief and results.  Fee is 25K for the entire year and includes prep work and 4 deep dive quarterly sessions with me in addition to unlimited email access.  One of the most accessible of my current offerings, a great opportunity to dip your toe in the water.  To schedule a mutually exploratory conversation and discern if this is the right program for you, contact me directly:

For an overview of these offerings, go here.  If you’re considering executive coaching, go here to read the three most common reasons leaders like you engage with me.

Conferences and Event Keynote Speaking:

In addition to the very popular new keynote “Authoritative Influence,” mentioned above, there are many to choose among.  “Prudent Leadership: Building a Self-Correcting Team,” and “Magnificent Leadership: Keys to Success” remain among the most popular.

Audiences describe me as engaging, passionate, interactive, with humor, real stories, and practical business application.  Without standing behind the podium.  From intimate, elite leadership events to rooms of thousands, I’ve got you covered.  Contact me directly to discuss how I can be of support to your event or go here for topics and meeting planner resources.  I’ve spoken everywhere from Harvard’s Kennedy School to Blue Cross and Blue Shield to the American Bankers Association to Women in Cable Telecommunications.  For a list of topics and more, go here.

Different packages can include: conducting pre-interviews with attendees, leading a panel discussion in addition to the keynote, and providing social media promotion of your event.
Customized, not canned.
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Meeting planner resources can be found here.

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