Twelve years ago, I began having in-depth conversations with leaders of all kinds about how they faced significant transition.  I wanted to hear their stories.

A remarkable cohort of participants emerged, from the 9th Dean of the US Airforce Academy to a 91- year-old widow.  Serial entrepreneur and CEO Glen Tullman told his story of starting again to build something.  (It was scary.)  Ben Fountain spoke about the excruciating period of limbo between leaving the law and finding critical acclaim as a writer.  (It was long.)  Of the many conversations I had over the first five or so years, ten found their way into a book.

Since then, several of the original participants have returned to share updates, and other, new participants have joined.

And after taking 2023 to listen in for what was calling, The Making Magnificence Project® returns in 2024 with a brand new season.

In addition to more conversations with leadership luminaries, among them, Julie Laulis, CEO of Cable One, you’ll also find some episodes devoted to life outside of work.  Dr. Jill Carnahan, functional medicine doctor and MD, whose journey of health and healing has been in parallel to her patients’, will be sharing her story.  And we’ll hear from Ian Kerner, nationally recognized sex and relationship therapist, on, you guessed it, sex and relationships.

These are just some of the amazing people and conversations coming your way in the new season.

Stay tuned for the release date later this year.