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Sunday Sketch

Of all things not business and leadership related.

Stacked Higher:

Anna Karenina.   I might be throwing myself under a train at 800+ pages.


Caught off Guard?

Somehow, we’ve arrived in November.

Perhaps it’s the pace of business coupled with yet-unknowns, but the end of 2021 is near and many of us

Executive Imposters

You might have a rather loud train running through your head that sounds like, “Do-I-have-what-it-takes-to-do-this-did-they-make-a-mistake-in-choosing-me-what-if-I’m-revealed-to-not-be-who-they-think-I-am?”

Rest assured, you are not alone.

Very seasoned leaders tell

When Things Go Awry

That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.

This from Brad Wilson and Glen Tullman, said separately and in complete agreement, during our panel discussion at the

Are You Asking Your Customers?

What they want and prefer?

Giving them surveys?  Polling them?  Inquiring about what additional products/levels of service/offerings you can provide?

I know you’re just trying

Thank You

For opening, for hitting reply and saying that something resonated for you, for forwarding on to your teams and organizations, for shouting out and sharing

Sunday Sketch

Of all things not business and leadership related:

One of my best pals is back from running the Boston marathon.  As he was relaying tales


One thing.

Professional or personal.

What could it look like if it were different?

What do you want it to look like?

Start there.

The Quicksand Effect

Is when you’re continually pulled into the daily and unable to focus on the strategic where you add the greatest value.

What’s the strategic?


Sunday Sketch

Of all things not business and leadership related:

The open-faced savory croissant at Boulted Bread is a thing of culinary beauty and taste.  Ricotta

Your Negative Split

Running a negative split means running the second half of a race faster than the first.

It’s often used for longer distances, like marathons.