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Content-Rich. Inspiring. Actionable.

From Harvard Kennedy School of Government to Blue Cross and Blue Shield to Caterpillar, from intimate corporate retreats to conferences with thousands to leadership summits, I’m known for moving the podium aside, getting off the stage, and interacting with audiences to deliver content-rich and engaging programs on the most relevant topics for senior executives today.

Below are sample topics, contact me here to schedule a time to talk and discuss a dynamic presentation tailored to your event that is customized and not canned.

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Authoritative Influence℠

We know it when we see it.  Leaders who move mountains and form coalitions, who see the whole picture and don’t get derailed.  Or mired in the mud.  They’re known for successfully taking high stakes initiatives over the finish line.  And getting the necessary buy-in from the right people.  Sometimes they’re patient and sometimes they push; they know what’s right in the moment.  They are practitioners of Authoritative Influence.  And it’s not by accident.  In this practical program filled with real world narratives and client examples, you’ll learn how to:


Prudent Leadership: Building a Self-Correcting Team℠

You don’t need a high performing team. Today’s leaders need a Self-Correcting Team℠, one that can function well in your absence, pivot rapidly, make good decisions, and raise a hand when guidance is needed. Without that, you’ll constantly be pulled out of the strategic where you add the most value and into the daily. In this program packed with actionable insights and client examples, you’ll learn how to:


Magnificent Leadership®:
Keys to Success

What do exemplary leaders have in common across industry?  How to they grow themselves and their organizations, no matter the circumstances?  What enables them to thrive during volatility and uncertainty and come out better and bolder? 

Rich with client examples and narratives from my interviews from The Making Magnificence Project® and the key success factors that I distill, this program Illustrates how to:


Trifecta: Strategic Leadership, Talent Retention, and Culture

Leadership without strategy is like a captain without a compass. It imperils the entire ship. And in today’s rapid business climate, leadership, talent, and culture are intersecting to determine business outcomes. 

What’s needed when you’re at the helm of an organization, division, or team to create a winning trifecta? One where your time is spent focused on the most valuable priorities, your organization attracts and retains top talent, and your organizational and team culture gives you a razor-sharp competitive edge in business? 

In this timely program packed with actionable and practical information, relevant client examples, and stories taken straight from the headlines, you’ll learn how to:


Accelerated Elevation:
How to Succeed Brilliantly in a New Role

The first year in an elevated leadership role is a critical one, and there are 6 domains for success.  There are also 3 common pitfalls that executives must avoid to stay above the fray and execute, lead, and influence effectively.  Rich with client examples, this engaging and actionable program shows you how to:


Legacy on Purpose℠:
Creating Your Unique Footprint

We all have a legacy.  The question is: Is your legacy assigned or created?  And is it true to you, one that is well-lived and bears your signature?   In this inspirational and engaging program, you will learn how to:


Bringing the Outside In:
Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization

Why do some organizations stay ahead of the innovation curve while others fall behind?  Better yet, how do leading organizations create the curve?  How can you truly shape a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and stellar performance?  In this lively and dynamic program, you’ll learn how to:


Reconnecting with Resilience℠:
From Uncertainty to Metamorphosis

Resilience is about more than bouncing back.  It’s about springing forward, personally and professionally. In this inspiring and dynamic program, packed with actionable tools, you’ll learn about the three different resilience spheres — individual, team, and organization – and how to:


Culture as Competitive Edge: From Luxury to Necessity

The world of work is forever changed.  And is still changing.  There is no going back.  But there is a strategic opportunity to reshape your organization’s culture so that it is to your greatest competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, enhancing your repute and draw, and driving critical business outcomes.  In this timely program packed with relevant stories from the headlines, client examples, and meaningful metrics, you’ll learn how to:



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Looking for an engaging and dynamic keynote speaker?

Click here to book Sarah for your next event.

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