Inspiration is the antidote to weariness.

I was talking with a client recently, an extraordinary and seasoned leader, who was concerned that the marathon they and their team are running is taking a toll and creating some weariness.

Anyone else relate?

Here are three suggestions (none of which involve changing the circumstances of the marathon, because those are so often the nature of business):

  • Pull the team together to get them out of the daily and reconnect them to the meaning and impact of their work, both in the short and long terms. Come prepared with specific examples and stories that give them a felt sense of what their work means and how it makes a difference.  You can arrange a dinner, an offsite, or something else.  You know your team best.  The idea is to lift them up and out and shift their focus toward impact and contribution.  It may be a slog right now, but you’re all slogging toward something critically important.  Give them a renewed picture of the horizon.  Inspiration dwells in meaning and impact.
  • Use your influence to remove as many obstacles as possible, providing air cover when necessary, so your team can spend the bulk of their energy on the work itself. This is critical to the first suggestion above and gives them agency over what they can control – their performance.  This requires more of you, of course, more skill, more thoughtfulness, more strategy.  Which leads to the last suggestion.
  • Don’t neglect yourself. Dial in to what nourishes you and make a point to engage in those things, even if that’s something as simple as an end-of-day walk to create a break between work and home.  Really ask yourself what you need for rejuvenation in the short and long terms.  Marathons require lots of fuel.  And when our tanks are low, it’s difficult to inspire others.  Make this a priority of the same order as taking care of your team.

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