Your gut is a popular refrain these days.  I’ve heard it multiple times on different podcasts.

It’s catchy.

And I think it’s really misguided.

What they mean to say is ‘don’t trust your reactions.’

That’s very different.

Because your gut is actually a good meter.

How do we distinguish, then, and understand when it’s our gut that’s signaling to us and when we’re looking through a distorted lens?

For this, I’m going to relay and paraphrase an experience with my first coaching mentor 15 years ago. During the workshop, a fellow audience member was getting coached on the fear of her husband becoming unfaithful.  As Martha coached her and things unfolded, it turned out that this person’s fear was really about being tempted, herself.  And not about her husband.

It was an amazing piece of coaching to witness.

But then my hand shot up.


Aren’t there plenty of times when a suspecting spouse is right on target?  When their fear is accurate?

Yes, Martha said.  And when it’s your gut, there’s calm knowing.

This has been a very good guide in my own life and as I’ve worked with clients to help them better hear themselves.

Our practice, it seems to me, is not to mistrust our gut, but to tune in to what it feels like somatically – in our bodies — when it is speaking to us.

Have a good week, peeps.