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Sunday Sketch

Of all things not business and leadership related. Suggesting: The following places in Boston/Cambridge as friends and clients are traveling: High Rise Bread Company.  Not…

That’s Fair

Is a common response I hear when debriefing 360 feedback with a leader who will use it to get even better. And they do.

When Communicating

With your people, use “we,” “our,” and “us,” almost exclusively rather than “I” and “my.” Works as effectively in town halls as in email bulletins.

In Case You Missed It

He isn’t playing by the rules. Because he wants to reinvent them. It’s risky. A big play. With very big players in the middle who…


Is not feigning modesty or pretending to know less than we do. It’s not about dimming one’s accomplishments, shrinking. Instead, it’s knowing how big and…

Crispy, Part 2

If you missed this blog on executive burnout, it might be worth a peek. Because over the course of four client conversations last week, it’s…

The Higher You Go

In an organization, the more critical your skills of influence and leadership.   This fall, there will be one opening in the Private Guidance Magnificent…

Two Upcoming Opportunities

I will have two spots available in the Magnificent Leadership® Accelerated Elevation Program this fall.  This is ideal for senior executives preparing for, or landing…

Ready vs Fearless

Ready is a willingness to dive in. With exuberance. And trepidation. Both. Fearless is imaginary.

Sunday Sketch

Of all things not business and leadership related. Catching: Up to the Wordle craze.  And also mahjong.  Looking into both. Falling: In love with A…