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The Next Moment

In late September of this year, after attending the always-delicious Harvard coaching conference, I entered a café in Boston,


I was sitting on a boat the night of July 4th in damp clothes and a tired body. Others on board were enjoying the festivities.…


This summer I’m reading Sonya Lyubomirsky’s book, The How of Happiness. She offers research-based strategies for increasing our happiness and includes some of my favorite…


          I’m on both this week and next sharing my favorite coaching tips during the 5am and 6am newscasts.

Your Future

Is always unfolding. At tomorrow’s CWNC Conference, I’ll be talking about the how-to’s of reinvention,

GOT YOUR BACK Mastermind Program

The Got Your Back Mastermind Program is more than a roundtable or peer advisory group; it’s a year-long program designed to give you support and…

Keshi Pearls

Are luminous and slightly flat. They’re textured. And they don’t look like typical pearls.

One Question

I’m back from the Martha Beck Coaches’ Conference where I was asked one of my favorite questions that I often ask clients: