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The doors of the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas opened to an oasis of calm. A feat, given the hotel’s location on the strip, where…

Simply Masterful

The Upper East Side Italian restaurant had been on my list for a long time, maybe eight years.  And each time I’d been in NY,…

A Community of One

My best friend sent me a video about a baby elephant struggling to survive. Rejected by his herd and quite sick, the future for baby…

Three Lists

On my New Year’s beach retreat, I wrote down what I would leave behind in 2015, what I would take with me, and what I…

Science, Meet Inspiration

I just saw the movie, The Martian.  For those of you who haven’t: Matt Damon’s character, astronaut Mark Watney, is unwittingly left behind on Mars…

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all good things this holiday season and a new year filled with aspiration and magnificence.    


Sandy-colored hair.  Lean.  Topaz-brown eyes that were slightly asymmetrical.  A face full of character with a bit of bad boy mischief. My kind of guy. That…


Steep but not impossible.  Even for a novice like me.  The trail was well-marked but rocky, sometimes wet.  And the weather was perfect.  The cool…

Spectacularly Successful

As I eyed the sweater on the rack, I thought, “Warm.  Casual, but well-tailored.  Great with jeans.” A decent, if not special, addition to my…

Breaking Waves

Vacationing at one of my favorite beaches last week, I was soaking up the sun, reading fiction, and enjoying perfect temperatures. (For tips on returning…

Leadership from the Cockpit

I’m back from Chicago where I was speaking at an executive conference on The Making Magnificence Project™.  My flight to the Windy City should have…

Reading Now

The following titles are on my nightstand or crammed into my bag for reading on the plane. Some will later appear on the customized reading…

Three Factors For Success

At the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Center for Public Leadership this March, I spoke about key factors that have emerged from my interviews for…

Glen Tullman

CEO of Livongo Health Managing Partner, 7 Wire Ventures
Glen has led companies both large and start-up, and in our conversation, he talks about the perseverance it takes to be CEO and that a large part of leadership is inspiring others.
“Everybody isn’t lucky enough to be working in healthcare or education… the one other place that I love to see progress is in the growth of people…”
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All podcasts are Copyright 2014, Sarah Levitt.

Alan Weiss

President, Summit Consulting Group and best-selling author of Million Dollar Consulting
In our conversation, Alan talks about growing up poor, getting fired, and adopting an abundance mentality on the road to success.
“It’s all a question of your mindset… we all have to have the courage of our talent." [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] or Download File
All podcasts are Copyright 2014, Sarah Levitt.

Dana Born

Brigadier General, USAF Ret. Lecturer in Public Policy Center for Public Leadership Harvard Kennedy School of Government
After 30 years in the military, Dana embarked on a new path.  In our conversation, she talks about re-centering during transition, the resolve that each of us has, and her work in leadership at Harvard.
“…those that snowboard…where they go up high… are not always successful in terms of what they do at the top… their success is about how they transition through the lowest points in order to get the height…”
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All podcasts are Copyright 2014, Sarah Levitt.

Ben Fountain

Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, was featured in this Malcolm Gladwell article on creative genius, and won the Hemingway/PEN award. But success was not overnight. “I turned 40 and I had very little to show for ten years of writing…” In our conversation, Ben talks about going on the quest to write, being in “a kind of psychological, societal, and maybe even spiritual limbo” before the recognition came, and getting to a place where the work in itself was enough.
“Looking back on it, I can’t say I have a problem with how it all unfolded.”
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All podcasts are Copyright 2014, Sarah Levitt.


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