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Eat, Pray, Love

One woman’s journey through the hell of divorce and finding herself.  She lays it all out there – the pain and despair, the searching, and

Steering by Starlight

This book has been on my nightstand for the last four years.  I pick it up, read, practice, put it down, and pick it up

The Joy Diet

A little book that contains 10 menu items for a more joyful life.  Simple yet so profound.  Good stuff!


The first time I pulled a confection from the oven I was probably nine


When I recently started a sentence with “I can’t,” my best friend finished it with “yet,” and it shifted my world.

If you’re

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Shakin’ It

Divorce comes with all kinds of powerful emotions: grief, anger, and feeling like the floor has dropped out from beneath you, to name a few.