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Light Yourself On Fire

Steve Haggerty was his name.

And he spoke with a thick, South African accent that I initially strained to understand.

He was on fire, a

How to Compete

“Sarah?” she said.

Then, once again, a bit louder: “Sarah!”

I was second in line from the register.  Although I heard my name, it was

Default Settings

Last week, I had the honor of being sandwiched between the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and a former Director of the

Giving Conformity Its Due

During a recent conversation with my best friend, who works with systems thinking, I asked the rhetorical question of where in the heck we ever

The One Thing

I once arrived at the annual strategic retreat of a senior leadership team to find that they’d been in an intense brainstorming session for two

Rightful Companions

“It’s supposed to be hard,” she said.

I’m working on my book, staring at a blank page a lot of the time.

My friend told

Post-Pie Reading

In the spirit of Thanksgiving this week in the US, wishing you and yours an abundance of all good things.

Want some reading post-pie?  Check

Leading Into the Future

How do we lead into the future?

How will we tackle the challenges before us?  Where will we put our focus, time, and attention?



If you’re a moviegoer (and, frankly, even if you’re not), you’ll likely want to get to a theater next month when Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime

Brad Wilson

CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
A history major with a graduate degree in liberal studies and a JD, Brad never intended to become a CEO.  In our conversation, he talks about leading through times of uncertainty, the courage to be vulnerable, and surrounding himself with dissenting opinion.
We are living in a revolutionary time in healthcare… If you look at any revolution that’s ever occurred in history, when the revolution happens, there’s fear, there’s uncertainty, there are voids that need to be filled… And guess who fills them?  Leaders.
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When Leaders Aspire

Remember Sandro’s?  My favorite Italian restaurant in NY that I had on my must-get-to-list for eight years before  finally getting there in January?

Well, I

Lincoln on Leadership

You know that question?

The one about with whom you’d most like to have dinner?

Abe Lincoln. Hands down.

So you can imagine my excitement