Pushing harder or pushing through isn’t going to turn it around (darn it) even though that might be your default, your go-to.  In the last blog, I gave some suggestions for what to do if your team is flagging.  Here, I’m suggesting what to do if you’re the one who’s running on empty.  I’ve spoken with several clients recently, very successful leaders, who find themselves with diminished or depleted gas tanks.

Some suggestions:

  • The basics first: food, sleep, movement. Kind of boring, I know.  And not always easy, but this trifecta delivers a huge return on your overall stamina, wellbeing, capacity, and perspective.  Start here.
  • Next, seek out nourishment and replenishment from the things your soul craves. One of the most common I hear?  Time outdoors.  Tune in to what’s calling and make a short list of the people and activities that nourish you (if you pause and listen in, you’ll likely know exactly what they are; don’t edit your responses) and then get serious about getting them into your calendar.  Some you can likely do immediately (time outdoors) and others might need planning.  No matter, make replenishment a priority, as you would anything else of critical importance and responsibility.  You give so much as a leader, carry so much responsibility, replenishment is part of your job.
  • Take another look at your calendar and what you’re doing that someone else can. Revisit delegation, particularly the things that drain you and/or where you’re not really needed.  Get them off your plate.  If you’re interested in my Controlled Delegation℠ Map, drop me a note and I’ll get it to you: sarah@sarah-levitt.com
  • Finally, after your tank is feeling more full, reacquaint yourself with what inspires you. As a leader, you’re tasked with inspiring others, but equally if not more important is what lifts you.  Working on complex issues?  Leading a large team on a large initiative?  A small team of highly dedicated collaborators?  Global?  Social problems?  Impactful legislation?  What brings you a sense of purpose and meaning?  When you’ve zeroed in on the 3 or 4 necessary pillars, evaluate your current and future aspirations against them and consider making adjustments so that you can spend the bulk of your working hours fulfilled.

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And if you’re asking the ‘what’s next’ question, I coach a handful of senior executives each year who are exploring the second act of their careers and want to do work that matters most to them.