Here in NC spring is coming.  If the budding trees and just-popping daffs didn’t make us notice, the robins have.  They’re everywhere, chirping and hopping and looking for worms in the wet earth.

Somehow, it’s spring.

And somehow I’ve been away from running for 7 months, the longest in 15 years.

Losing motivation last summer was followed by a bad fall on the trail in November shortly after getting back.  Recovered by January, the new year beckoned but the cold and adopting and walking a new pup pushed running to the background.

But it’s been there.


And now that whisper has become a pull that I can’t resist or push away any longer.

So I’m lacing up this weekend.

I share this with you because maybe you, too, made commitments to yourself on January 1st.  And maybe you, too, let them slip away.

Maybe you’ve been hearing a whisper.

And want a new beginning of your own.

Research shows that when we share our commitments with others, we’re more likely to stick with them.

So hit reply.

Or tell a friend.  Or join a group of others.  Or make it public like this.

No matter, here’s to spring and our fresh starts.