I’m catching up reading the newspapers after travel for client work.

And the door that blew off that Alaska Airlines plane in mid-flight?

Initial investigations reported by the WSJ indicate that it was missing bolts that were likely not reinstalled after the door was either opened or removed during production at Boeing.

This is a frightening reminder about how important your processes are.

Because we — none of us — is perfect.

But we can design our processes to get as close as possible.


So that when we fall down, there is back up to catch us.

And our mistakes.

Rigorous doesn’t have to mean complicated.

But as thorough as possible.

Which means you are nurturing a culture of candor in your organization where it is the expectation to speak up, rather than merely permitted.

Where it is the norm to notice gaps, question processes, innovate ways of doing, raise concerns, make suggestions, strive for better.

From the front lines of your organization where things get noticed first hand.

To the c-suite where directions and decisions are formulated.

This is also a reminder about the tremendous value in looking for cause and solutions.

Not just when things go wrong.

But as a mindset.


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