Is probably one of my favorite things to hear from clients.  There is no greater compliment to the results of our work together than that statement, and I got to hear it last week.


As glad as I am that we’ve knocked it out of the park, that statement also means that there was loss and cost.  Lost opportunity, time, profit, performance.  And cost to the individual and whomever they reach in an organization.  At the highest levels, that can be quite expansive and expensive.

Feeling ready is important.  I get it.

But I’ve never had anyone tell me that they wish they’d waited longer.

Questing for self-mastery is a trait shared by the clients I work with.  It’s also a key factor for Magnificent Leadership® success discussed in my forthcoming book.

Those who quest usually don’t feel completely ready.

But nor do they wait.


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Richmond SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference, October 11.  I’m delivering the closing keynote on Magnificent Leadership® and join a speaker roster that includes the Dean of the UVA Nursing School and the Director of Congressional Affairs at National SHRM.