1. A calm demeanor, particularly in the face of challenge, and self-regulation. Your actions and words carry more weight because of the seat in which you sit.  Use them with care.
  2. The ability to make decisions with confidence that are based in good information and grounded by your convictions.
  3. A genuine desire to harvest opinion other than your own and to surround yourself with those who disagree, thereby making you more robust and informed in your decision-making and more valuable to your organization.
  4. An outside perspective to shine a light where you can’t see, in a safe space where you can let your guard down.
  5. The communication skills and savvy to read, know, and relate to a variety of key stakeholder audiences (the Board, your SLT, employees, and shareholders).
  6. A self-monitored pressure release valve that you are able to re-set by taking time and space away from the cacophony and pressures of your responsibilities to clear your head and re-center yourself.
  7. A real inclination toward inspiring and leading those in your organization toward the full aspiration of its mission and vision. And believing in it, yourself.
  8. A connection to the contribution you want to make, the legacy you wish to create, and the overarching reason you work so incredibly hard and push so much. Without that, you’ll lose momentum, at best.
  9. The ability to delegate important responsibility to those around you and not allow yourself to get caught in the weeds, resulting in a steady focus on the horizon, near or far.
  10. The pursuit of continued learning, achievement, self-mastery, and your own magnificence.


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