One of the almost-predictive markers of how well a client will use our engagement is how they respond to my suggestion for key stakeholder interviews.

Those who enthusiastically jump in are typically driven to surpass their previously-successful performance.

Mind you, this is brave.  Together, we’ll choose key people who will anonymously provide feedback to me about my client.  I’ll ask what’s going well.  And I’ll ask what can be improved.

I call it Leadership Brand Management.  And it provides a clear window into three crucial questions:

Are my behaviors and words helping, rather than hindering, my efforts to drive the business outcomes that I’m committed to?

Am I attuned to, and effectively moving among, crucial audiences with ease?

Am I reaching the right people with the right message, and am I leaving the lasting impression that I want to?

If clients can accurately and affirmatively answer those three questions, they can move mountains.


I have the honor of working with some pretty talented leaders: CEOs, Fortune 1000 senior executives, and corporate business leaders who care about their work, their leadership, and their people.  The next openings for working with me directly are in Q1 of 2018. To have a mutually exploratory conversation, you can reach me at:

Stay tuned for Magnificent Leadership’s release date and pre-order information!

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I’ve reserved three dates in January for these concentrated, rapid-results sessions and am taking a total of three people.  You’ll get prep work, a gourmet meal with me at a luxury property, and 30 days of access to me after the Magnificent Leadership® VIP Day for help on execution.  If you want to learn more about this opportunity to engage with me for an intensive, deep-dive strategic session to make fast tracks in 2018, you can reach me at to inquire about a mutual fit. Pricing begins at $8500.

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