A funny thing happened on the way home from delivering the closing keynote on Magnificent Leadership® at the Richmond Strategic Leadership Conference.  At the behest of my GPS, I was ascending an on-ramp toward a toll that required exact change of 30 cents.  And I didn’t have it.  As I tried to maneuver off to the side and figure out my next move, I heard a loud honk from the car behind me.

I assumed that meant one thing:

Get out of the way.

Perhaps it did.  And fair enough, I hadn’t quite yet.

What happened next creates a different narrative, though.

As he drove around me, the driver of that car pulled his vehicle alongside mine, rolled down his window, and asked how much I needed.  He then stretched over to put 25 cents in my hand.

And I was again reminded of how powerful our narratives are.

And how they can be helpful.

Or not.

What’s your narrative?


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