You’re gonna go out of the gate fast.  That’s how the new year begins.  We bring our highest aspirations to the starting line.  Which is wonderful.

But many of us falter in seeing them through, in executing over time.  Meetings, deadlines, unexpected impediments.  Emails.  These things all get in the way.  They distract and derail us from the bigger picture, the greater picture of our strategic vision.

If you want to accelerate, elevate, and sustain your leadership performance to drive business results, below you’ll find the three fuel lines of Magnificent Leadership® from my forthcoming book of the same name.  These are essential for reaching your objectives over the long haul.

  1. Support and Someone to Hold the Vision. Surround yourself with people who want to see you fly, who believe in you and your aspirations.  There will be bumps and roadblocks.  You need people in your corner.  And you need someone to confide in, to trust, to push you to rally when you’re fatigued.


  1. A Connection to Contribution. Your work is too hard, too big, without a connection to, and an understanding of, what it means.  What’s the footprint you seek to create?  Why do you do what you do, really?  What’s the difference you make?  Want to make?


  1. Passion.  What truly excites you about your work?  Pulls you?  Moves you?  Are you communicating that to your team and those around you?  Does your organization have a current, relevant mission and vision?  And do you and your team live it?  Embody it?


You’ll soon be able to read about a host of leadership journeys in my book, Magnificent Leadership, where you can see these fuel lines in action.  It’s due to hit the shelves any day.  Stay tuned!


In the meantime, if you want to sustain your own success, or better yet, take it to another level entirely, (prepare for a promotion, lead a new and bigger team, oversee a critical initiative, take a product to market, gain more market share), then you can reach me at to schedule a mutually exploratory conversation about working together.  CEOs, Fortune 1000 senior executives, and business leaders who are successful, ambitious, and care about business results and the work of leadership, are my clients.

If you haven’t set your 2018 strategy, now’s the time to do it.  Use the momentum of the new year to get launched and then create measures and structure to hit your business objectives.  For more on having me lead your strategic leadership team sessions to create a vision, cohesion, measures, and an action plan for your senior leadership team:

If your conference or leadership summit needs a keynote speaker who’s described as delivering content-rich keynotes that are also inspirational and interactive, you can reach me at for booking information.  I’m scheduling 2018 and 2019 now and have spoken at the conferences of organizations like: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Oracle, BASF, National Association of CEOs, Association Forum,  and the American Bankers Association, to name just a few.  My most popular keynote is “Magnificent Leadership® – Keys to Success.”   I also speak on “The Heart of Innovation – Building High Performing Teams” to rave reviews.