Recently, a good friend of mine had a person very dear to them pass away unexpectedly.  And as my friend and I sat talking about life and loss, I was reminded of something I’d heard years ago when someone relayed how they’d been stricken with a disease that took them to the edge of death before making a recovery.  They reported that on that edge, in their bed, there were only two things that remained: love and regret.

So, as we roll into a new year, I’m asking myself the following questions, and I offer them to you:

What and who do I love?

Who are the people in my life that I want to be sure that I get the most time with?  Savor?

How can I do even more of the work that I love to do?

What are the activities that feed my soul?  Fuel me?  Open me?

Am I mostly doing those things?  Spending time with those people?  Organizing my life by and around them?

What will I regret not doing?

Am I stretching myself to my outer limit, stepping through fear, for the things that I yearn for, behaving as though I already have permission to live my life?


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