“You think completely differently than I do,” they said to me.  It was the reason they’d picked up the phone to call.  My consulting colleague was asking for my input on a particularly challenging situation, and that was the reason they cited for seeking me out.  We have different ways of looking at things, they said.

Which made me think about one of the key elements of Magnificent Leadership® gleaned from my many interviews for The Making Magnificence Project® with leaders across all different domains: The quest for self-mastery.  Integral to that quest is a real desire to challenge one’s own thinking, and get all of the opinion into the room.

Two of the leaders featured in my book speak about the crucial import of soliciting contrasting opinion to their own.  Brad Wilson, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, made it part of his leadership’s work to create an environment where opinion that was distinctly different from his was not only accepted but expected from his SLT.  And although Logan Bennet, who leads a team in avalanche mitigation and rescue in the Canadian Rockies, works in a very different arena than Brad, they share a common belief about high performing teams under high stakes situations: Different opinion makes them better.  Much better.

If there is disagreement on your senior leadership team, the question is not how to quell it.

The question is how to use it.

Will it fracture and silo your organization?

Or make it more competitive and robust?


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