Well, my manuscript for Magnificent Leadership is in to the publisher.

What kept me swimming to the finish (see last blog post on The Tricky Middle) was The Making Magnificence Project®, itself, and the courage and generosity of the people who shared their stories.  My book is the product of that courage and generosity.

Commitment is important.  But without context and a connection to contribution, commitment isn’t enough for sustained aspiration.  Certainly not for the long haul, and definitely not in the c-suite.  The tasks are too big, the challenges too great, the responsibility too much.

The CEOs featured in Magnificent Leadership talk about contribution, about the meaning of their work, and also the central importance of conveying to employees the meaning of theirs.

On that last point, Dan Michelson, CEO of Strata Decision Technology in Chicago, says there is no more important part of his job.

For what are you showing up?

And do you tell your team the ways in which it really matters that they do?

Do you say it?


I’m honored to be speaking or delivering keynotes at the following events:

Members in Business and Industry Fall Conference, North Carolina Association of CPAs, September 11.  I’ll be speaking on “The Heart of Innovation: Building High Performing Teams.”  If you want more from your people, if you’re leading through change, or if you’ve just stepped in to a new leadership role, I’ll be talking about how to leverage leadership and drive performance.

NCSHRM conference, September 29th.  Marshall Goldsmith and I are part of the lineup at this multi-day event.  I’ll be speaking about Magnificent Leadership™ and sharing some of its key factors for maximizing leadership and organizational performance, particularly during turbulence and uncertainty.

Richmond SHRM Strategic Leadership Conference, October 11.  I’m delivering the closing keynote on Magnificent Leadership™ and join a speaker roster that includes the Dean of the UVA Nursing School and the Director of Congressional Affairs at National SHRM.