Raise our sights, changing the horizon we see for ourselves.

Some give the most precious of resources – their time and attention and names – to supporting our efforts, and the work we do – or want to do – in the world.

They see us.

And provide a reflection of the future that graces us in the present.

There have been countless people who have influenced and impacted my trajectory since I exited that beloved flower farm greenhouse operation in 2009 and struck out on a new path.

And The Making Magnificence Project® is where many of them dwell, a place where exemplary leaders of very high accomplishment and caliber, have taken a chance with me, beginning back in 2012, to share their stories.

The Project is getting more of my time and attention this year, and I can’t wait to release the brand new season to you.

We’ve got deep dive, 5 Year+ Retrospective interviews with leaders like Dana Born and Glen Tullman and Brad Wilson and Ben Fountain, and new kids on the block from whip-smart MIT professor and VC Matt Rhodes-Kropf, to Doug Satzman, CEO of XpresSpa, who’s given  new meaning to the word pivot and whose life – and leadership — was changed by a trip to Rwanda; from CEO Peter Gwaltney of the NC Bankers Association, who tells one of the most poignant and harrowing leadership stories that I’ve heard, to entrepreneurial superstar Lisa Larter who began her journey as a scrappy upstart without a high school diploma.

It’s my hope that their stories elevate us all.

Stay tuned.

Coming soon.