Below is a list of topics I sent out for review to members of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum and registrants for the upcoming Annual Event.  I want to hear what’s of greatest value to them as I put the finishing touches on our Annual Event for October 6+7 and plan our Q4 meetings for the Forum.

I’d like to ask the same of you, here, as one of my readers.  Just hit reply and tell me the 3-5 topics that you’d most like to be reading about.  And thank you!

  1. Creating culture in the hybrid era
  2. Virtual leadership, how to’s and best practices
  3. Succession planning — what to consider, timing, and need identification
  4. Talent retention — how to hang on to your best people in the current climate
  5. ESG and what it means for your business
  6. Business growth and bench strength — how to determine gaps
  7. Creating strategic thinking time and how to use it for greatest leverage
  8. Risk mitigation — common pitfalls and how to assess and identify areas of risk
  9. Internal best practices — how to identify and create them
  10. Productive Meetings — How to host them and get greatest results from them
  11. Thought Leadership — how to build yours
  12. Mentorship and coaching of team members
  13. Inspirational leadership — what’s most needed now
  14. Improving team/ team member execution
  15. Getting yourself out of the weeds and delegating successfully
  16. Grooming a Successful Deputy
  17. Building your leadership brand and creating greater visibility without bragging
  18. Developing greater influence
  19. Public speaking success tips and best practices
  20. Assessing opportunities for new revenue streams
  21. Sustaining Morale and Productivity — what’s working in the uncertainty
  22. Building team cohesion and trust for improved and smoother execution
  23. Strategic Leadership Functioning — understanding your highest value and not getting distracted or pulled from it
  24. Building Leadership Resilience Capacity
  25. Innovation hacks for faster pivots
  26. Techniques for enhancing leadership confidence and presence
  27. Success Templates — how to deconstruct success so that it’s replicable
  28. Growth plans — determining needed human infrastructure
  29. Work life integration — how to find time to rejuvenate and replenish regularly