I don’t know if these two industry and leadership titans have ever been together on a panel discussion.

But coming this fall, they are.

Glen Tullman and Brad Wilson.

At the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum Annual Event on October 6+7.

If you haven’t yet reserved your seat, now is the time.  We’ve shifted to a virtual live event so there’s no travel hassle, airport delay, or health concern.  Just real conversation, ideation, and the kind of open sharing and learning that the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum is known for.

If you’re not yet a member of the Forum, this is your ideal opportunity to dip a toe in the water of this rich learning ecosystem , a vibrant community for senior leaders.  You’ll find a range of industries and organizations represented at the Annual  Event, from Fortune 50 executives to association CEOs, from Big 4 professional services to SMEs.  And in addition to Glen and Brad, we have deep dive sessions on the most relevant and pressing issues you’re facing, from creating culture in the Hybrid era, to ESG and how it intersects with your business.

Go here to learn more and to submit your registration for immediate consideration.

And if you’re ready to join a cohesive, high trust group of seasoned leaders who share questions as readily as they share answers, go here for information on how to become a member of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum and see what members are saying.  Attendees of the Annual Event will be privy to a special discount on Forum membership only available at the Annual Event on October 6+7.

Members tell me that this community of leaders is unlike any they’ve belonged to.