Should know what the left is doing.

Be able to anticipate it, actually.

And be there before you.

Without that, your strategic functioning as a leader is compromised.

Why?  Because you’ll be in the weeds putting out fires instead of doing the highly valuable things that only you can do, like leading important, bold initiatives and everything that goes along with that like being visible to the right people, building momentum, and getting buy-in from key stakeholders.

But great Chiefs of Staff often don’t often come to you fully formed, fully able to do what’s needed.  In part, because they don’t yet know you, your role, or the vision you have.

What are the three fundamentals of this all-important relationship?

  • Learning you
  • Very clear expectations of the COS
  • Crystal clear communication between both of you

These form the bedrock of a relationship that others can’t end-run around, one that provides you with necessary input in addition to having your back.


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