There is a new website with my name on it which means a celebration offering coming to you later this week.  Take a look around, there are complimentary resources, and all kinds of good things, waiting for you.  More on that soon.

This effort would not have been possible without three extraordinary professionals who made it come to fruition:

The site’s creator and designer, Linda Misiura at Ruby Red Design Studio has a truly remarkable ability to translate idea to reality.  It can seem as if she’s inside your brain seeing what you see.

The photography (sans speaking shots) is the work of Liza Hoos.  She only takes clients by request and appointment, and I was lucky to grab one:

There were some complicated technical migration issues (shudder) that had to be surmounted.  Clay Harris and the WorkSmart team made easy work of them, and their responsiveness made me feel like I was their only client.