How are we together?

Who do we want to become?

Is there something about the way we’re working together that we want to change?

Where are we going/What’s the horizon?

What needs to change for us to move toward that horizon with improved surefootedness and success?

Do we have the right people and infrastructure to get there?

Are there areas where we’re not meeting our own expectations?  Our customer’s expectations?

What’s happening?

What’s the one thing that would make the greatest difference in how we perform together and execute as a team?


As you think about holding your team offsites in Q4, I wanted to share some of the questions I pose when working with senior leadership teams.  Depending on business circumstances and goals, we might be exploring any number of things from faster and more flawless execution to redefining mission and values.  But the common thread is moving toward becoming a more Self-Correcting Team℠ — more anticipatory, cohesive, responsive, adaptable, trusting, efficient, resilient, and accountable.

All without you being the taskmaster, hub, or getting dragged into the weeds.

For more on working together to build a Self-Correcting Team℠, drop me a note:   My next openings are in September.  Highly customized, in-person sessions tailored to your specific goals.  With prep work and debrief between you and I for each session.


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The finest, purpose-driven leaders invest in and grow themselves.  With their companies.

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Questions?  You can reach me here.

I hope you’re soaking up summer.  And preparing for fall.

And because a Sunday blog wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of a Sunday Sketch, you can go here to read about those tomato tartines we wait all year for.