Your default?

Mine, too.

And it’s not helpful.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all about working with energy and attention and focus and determination toward something.


But that default?

It usually kicks in when we’re distressed or overly stressed, or in the weeds and fraying.

And almost guarantees more of same.

If you’re looking to infuse yourself and your team with new ideas and insights and best practices, consider attending the only live, in person event that I host all year on October 19+20.

You’ll be immersed in real conversations and questions with exemplary peers across a broad range of industries who are all sharing and learning right alongside you.

In a luxury environment that fosters relaxation and your best thinking at the same time.


There is a long-form panel discussion this year that is worth attending all by itself.

I’ll also be presenting new material and some of my most recent thinking in work with clients.

We know, deep down, that chaining ourselves to our desks to get better is a mirage.

And that it’s by stepping away and elevating that shifts things and makes us better.

Sometimes in just one conversation.

To learn more about the panelists, read what past attendees are saying, and apply for registration, go here. 

We are close to sold out.

Don’t delay.

Questions?  Drop me a note: