About how to do things differently rather than merely return to the same, the Legacy on Purpose℠ Private Conference is on June 24 + 25 from 9:30-12:30pm ET.

There is no hotel, air, or hassle required.

And there are only 3 seats left.

Here’s what you can expect at this virtual conference:

  • Prep work in advance so you can hit the ground running on the very first morning
  • Powerful, brand new content highlighting the 6 domains of Legacy on Purpose℠
  • Strategies to identify your unique talents, gifts, and aspirations and how to best apply them
  • How to get unstuck immediately and unleash your potential to create a full legacy
  • The 4-step Legacy on Purpose℠ action plan for taking next steps, building momentum, anticipating obstacles, and creating impact and change
  • Strategies for overcoming the 3 most common obstacles for lasting, positive action
  • Techniques for creating a Thinking Bold mindset
  • Discussion on the role of key supporters and how to identify and recruit them
  • How to live, lead, and create a congruent legacy
  • Live coaching opportunities with me with time for questions
  • Tools for how to connect or re-connect to your unique path
  • How to decide what to rule out and drive your legacy rather than be driven by it
  • Opportunities to test your ideas and get immediate feedback in this laboratory
  • How to organize your resources of time and energy for sustained execution of your plan
  • Access to a community of top notch colleagues for real conversations and relationship-building behind closed doors
  • At the conclusion, you’ll be prepared to create a roadmap for building your own, unique Legacy on Purpose℠ and a game plan for your calendar to keep you moving forward

To register, email me directly: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

The conference fee for both days is $1000 and goes up on June 14th to $1250.