I’m just out of meeting with my global mastermind where a colleague shared information on adult learning that really caught my attention:

70% of it happens via challenging assignments.


The other 30% is a combination of coursework and other people.

This research reflects what we all observed and experienced during the pandemic: when people are given stretch assignments, they stretch.

Three recommendations if you’re moving someone into a bigger role or you’re moving, yourself:

  • Have an open door policy. We saw this, too, during the pandemic.  When people were thrown into the deep end of the pool, their superiors were standing on deck available to throw a life preserver, if needed.  Be that leader.  And if you’re the one in the new role, be sure to seek it out.
  • Set expectations and milestones and communicate them clearly. And create regular opportunities for check-ins and dialogue.  Work to anticipate – hurdles, slow-downs, mitigating factors, all of it.
  • Get an experienced coach who works with leaders entering bigger, more responsible roles. An investment that should pay for itself many times over, a good coach will be an invaluable guide for shortcutting the learning curve and driving results.

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A few updates:

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