Among my clients:

  • Building a Self-Correcting Team℠
  • Leading with Authoritative Influence℠
  • Meeting or Exceeding Growth Expectations

Building and leading a team that is empowered and able to function autonomously but knows when to raise its hand for your guidance and input, is cohesive and trusting of one another and of you (and you of them), has the breadth of skill, knowledge, and experience to anticipate and pivot when necessary, and is able to be highly accountable with themselves and to you… this is always top of mind for senior leaders.

Because without such a team, you’re caught in the quicksand of: circling back and checking, playing referee in the sandbox, being the hub of communication, overseeing accountability, taking on work that’s not your own and/or not being able to delegate with confidence.

And because you can’t fully rely on your team as you need to, you also can’t put your full and necessary focus on the other two challenges above.

Building a Self-Correcting Team℠ is a linchpin.

Without it, the wheels get wobbly: costly missed deadlines (and opportunities), lagging anticipation and subsequent slow responsiveness to critical changing business conditions, hindered ideation and innovation to meet the future, duplicative work and mistakes, reduced morale.

Some might say that’s more than wobbly.

For more on working with me directly to Build a Self-Correcting Team℠, contact me here.

My next openings for these highly customized sessions are at the end of this month.  2 openings.

Announcement: Because this is such a crucial factor for effective leadership, I’m offering the only cost-free webinar I’ve ever done on this topic.  To save your seat, hit reply, let me know how many from your team are attending, and mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 10th at 10:00am ET.
Join me for 45 minutes, as I deliver highly relevant content and answer your most pressing questions.  All who attend on the 10th receive a complimentary copy of my Building Self-Correcting Teams℠ Inventory and Assessment.

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After a cost-free webinar, the most accessible of my offerings is the Magnificent Leadership® LIVE Annual Event on October 17+18 in Raleigh at a luxury property located just 10 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham airport.  You’ll find an intimate-sized group of like-minded, front-of-the-pack leadership peers across a broad range of industries, exciting and innovative guest speakers, real conversations behind closed doors, time with yours truly, small group working sessions, and delicious gourmet meals in an inspiring and rejuvenating environment.

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Registration fees go up July 1.

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To see last year’s program go here.  2024 agenda coming soon.

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