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Magnificent Leadership®: Keys to Success

What do exemplary leaders have in common across industry?  How to they grow themselves and their organizations, no matter the circumstances?  What enables them to thrive during volatility and uncertainty and come out better and bolder?  Rich with client examples and narratives from my interviews from The Making Magnificence Project® and the key success factors that I distill, this program Illustrates how to:

  • Apply the seemingly opposite forces of passion and uncertainty to create the perfect alchemy for results
  • Become a leader of self-mastery
  • Transcend circumstances to forge a path forward and create results
  • Harness the wisdom of crisis
  • Leverage the unknown to drive positive change and innovation
  • Infuse meaning into your work and your organization for optimal performance

Culture as Competitive Edge: From Luxury to Necessity

The world of work is forever changed.  And is still changing.  There is no going back.  But there is a strategic opportunity to reshape your organization’s culture so that it is to your greatest competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top talent, enhancing your repute and draw, and driving critical business outcomes.  In this timely program packed with relevant stories from the headlines, client examples, and meaningful metrics, you’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly and effectively identify your organization’s cultural competitive edge
  • Understand the gap between where your culture is and where you need it to be
  • Seize the opportunity to reshape your culture to maximum advantage
  • Distinguish your team and organization in the war for top talent using these 2 strategies
  • Build a culture of excellence that attracts and retains superstars with these 3 important tools
  • Ensure that you’re building a talent strategy that is responsive to evolving conditions
  • Harvest critical cultural information from your employees on what actually matters
  • Grow your organization’s capacity for execution and continued innovation to lead the pack

Accelerated Elevation℠: How to Succeed Brilliantly in a New Role

The first year in an elevated leadership role is a critical one, and there are 6 domains for success.  There are also 3 common pitfalls that executives must avoid to stay above the fray and execute, lead, and influence effectively.  Rich with client examples, this engaging and actionable program shows you how to:

  • Influence and communicate to key stakeholders with supreme effectiveness
  • Build a Self-Correcting Team℠ and get out of the weeds
  • Identify your distinct strategic value
  • Increase your confidence and presence to move across different audiences with ease
  • Harness your unique leadership talents and gifts for maximal results
  • Raise your visibility, brand, and thought leadership

Legacy on Purpose℠: Creating Your Unique Footprint 

We all have a legacy.  The question is: Is your legacy assigned or created?  And is it true to you, one that is well-lived and bears your signature?   In this inspirational and engaging program, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage the 6 keys to creating a Legacy on Purpose℠
  • Overcome the 3 most common obstacles
  • Get unstuck, unleash your potential , and live more boldly
  • Identify your unique talents, gifts, and aspirations and how to best use and apply them
  • Ensure that you are living, leading, and creating a congruent legacy
  • Drive your legacy rather than be driven by it
  • Create a full legacy that is connected to contribution, significance, and meaning

Bringing the Outside In: Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization

Why do some organizations stay ahead of the innovation curve while others fall behind?  Better yet, how do leading organizations create the curve?  How can you truly shape a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and stellar performance?  In this lively and dynamic program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harvest continuous innovation inside the box
  • Identify and leverage lateral leaders
  • Grow teams that anticipate problems, pivot rapidly, and meet deadlines
  • Create a culture that fosters speed, encourages hustle, and attracts top talent
  • Codify your wins and distill internal best practices
  • Seize distinct advantage and stay above the competition

Reconnecting with Resilience℠ — From Uncertainty to Metamorphosis

Resilience capacity is about more than bouncing back.  It’s about springing forward, professionally and personally.  In this inspiring and dynamic program, packed with actionable tools, you’ll learn about the three different resilience spheres – individual, team, and organization – and how to:

  • Cultivate your own leadership resilience capacity, particularly when business and brisk and you and your team are tired
  • Create a resilience toolkit that is tailored specifically to you
  • Identify the key resilience ingredients that build your muscles of adaptability and recharging
  • Build and lead resilient teams that pivot and perform under pressure
  • Harness the chaos of change and innovate within it
  • Grow a resilient organization that is forward-looking, able to adapt, and highly market responsive