Takes a few things.

  1. The courage and curiosity to imagine what could be different, to dream.
  2. A plan to walk our path one step at a time.
  3. Sustained and continued effort, despite obstacles.

All three of these stages are served by having others to walk with.  Some of those people will be further ahead on the path, and that illuminates what’s possible for us.  Others will be at the beginning, and that shores up our courage.  Still others will be experiencing setbacks, and that reminds us that we are not alone when obstacles arise.

On June 24 + 25 I’m hosting the first ever Legacy on Purpose℠ Private Conference.

This is an intimate group of leaders who are gathering to discuss the future.

And what they want.

Because we didn’t make it through a pandemic to merely return to what was.

From 9:30-12:30 ET, both days.  2 seats remain.

Conference fee is $1000.

At 5pm today the conference fee goes up to $1250.

To claim your spot, email me directly: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

For more on what you can expect at this unique event, go here.