It was cold, drizzly, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was more work yet to do in my office.  The end of day was nearing, and I was tired.  All perfect reasons not to go out for my run.  And I was ever- so-quietly telling myself that I could skip it.  There would be another tomorrow.

But the forecast was calling for snow.

And I remembered that despite loving what I do, there has never, ever been a time when I regretted putting work aside in favor of a run.  Never.  I have, however, had deep disappointment at not hitting the pavement.

So, I cut a deal: I would do 3 miles rather than the usual 5.

And you know what happened, of course.

I got out there, in the wind and the fading light, and my legs had more spring than I expected.  After the first mile, I had my groove, and I couldn’t imagine not doing the full 5.

And the voice that rose up from within said, as it always does, “You almost missed this.”

Two questions:

What are the things that fill and fuel you, that make you who you are, as a person and as a leader?

And how can you ensure that you live and experience those things so that you don’t miss them and have regret?


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