Most of the time, when I’m leading a senior executive team through setting strategy, idea generation is not the problem.  In fact, ideas are often abundant.  Sometimes, too much so.  I’ve had clients propose many more strategic initiatives than they could possibly execute on.

Ideation, I tell them, is rarely the hurdle in strategy’s success.

Execution is.

Or, more accurately, the bandwidth and capacity to execute.

If your plate runneth over, and those of your colleagues on the senior leadership team are similarly full, then taking a few days off site to design a strategic plan will be time and money ill spent.

Better, instead, to spend that time defining roles and responsibilities and creating real delegation of both small and larger tasks to deputies in your departments.  And if you don’t have deputies, then identifying and grooming them is a priority.

After establishing that critical foundation, you’ll have some breathing room.  And then it’s time to set strategy so that you’re not just focused on fighting fires and meeting deadlines, but putting attention and focus on accelerating and ensuring future business success.


If your 2018 strategy hasn’t yet been drawn up or isn’t being executed, I lead strategic leadership sessions to set priority, direction, and an action plan.  For more:

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