Leadership without strategy is like a captain without a compass.

It imperils the entire ship.

What’s needed for your strategic leadership of the organization, division, business unit, or team?

11 suggestions taken from my work with clients:

  • Identifying your top (usually 5) strategic priorities
  • Building a personalized resilience toolkit
  • Combatting executive imposter syndrome
  • Building thought leadership in your industry
  • Carving out strategic thinking time and adhering to it
  • Avoiding the Quicksand Effect and continually being pulled into the daily
  • Building and leading a Self-Correcting Team℠
  • Having a stellar deputy (formal or informal) on whom you can rely
  • Using Controlled Delegation to offload work and/or roles that no longer belong with you
  • Knowing your key leadership strengths and how to amplify them to the benefit of all
  • Harnessing your curiosity to continually learn, get even better, and optimize your leadership

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