Noise in your world means anything that comes through your door that requires you to get worked up but not actually work.

It’s the stuff that drains and distracts you and takes your energy and time but provides no return on that precious investment.

Three suggestions for staying on track when the noise gets loud:

  1. Be sure that you’ve outlined your key priorities. If what’s coming at you isn’t one of them, do your best not to get involved.  (Which is distinct from the art and importance of influence, likely one of your priorities.)
  2. Have language and actions that establish your boundaries. You’re getting called repeatedly over the weekend by someone who’s frantically wanting to complain but has nothing new to say?  Return their call on Monday and determine if it makes sense for you to get involved.
  3. Attend assiduously to your own leadership resilience toolkit, making sure that you’re replenishing yourself. Your toolkit is unique to you and includes those people and activities that rejuvenate you and recharge your battery.  Which can be as simple as a walk.  With the dog, the kids, or just yourself.

One observation:  The louder the noise gets, the more difficult #3 will become for most of us.  And, as we replenish ourselves less, the more likely it is that we’ll allow ourselves to be pulled in to situations and conversations that don’t require our participation.  Which leaves us more drained and more likely to be pulled in again.

To create an upward spiral, instead, consider implementing the above three strategies.  They’ll not only help to keep you focused on where your value lies, but you’ll likely feel more productive, accomplished, and energized.

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