Below are some of the strategic issues that I’m seeing while working with clients and their senior leadership teams that pose a significant risk and need attention:

  1. Talent retention that threatens project deadlines and product delivery.
  2. Relying on pre-pandemic strategy without reassessing.
  3. Lack of competitive differentiation and/or not taking advantage of the new competitive landscape in their industry and re-positioning.
  4. Bench and succession gaps that threaten to impede growth over the next 18-24 months.
  5. Strife on the senior leadership team causing fractured messaging, accountability, and execution.
  6. Organizational silos that are friendly but not flattened and are creating roadblocks and slowing internal delivery on significant projects.
  7. Sales and R&D, or HR & Legal, as examples, that are in opposition and creating a fire for leadership and a problem for execution.
  8. Lack of attunement, understanding, and flexibility for top talent attraction.
  9. Undervaluing the strategic importance of inspirational leadership for meeting growth. projections and not providing support and development for leaders and managers.
  10. Not having adequate leadership infrastructure in place to support the accelerated growth that the organization/team is experiencing.
  11. Leaders who are consistently pulled into the daily and out of the strategic where they add the greatest value because they allow it and aren’t comfortable letting go of old work where they’re comfortable.
  12. Disregarding, or not paying attention to, the need for people to feel linked to the meaning and impact of their work and not putting a concentrated effort in through multiple communication vehicles.
  13. Not taking the time to assess strategic issues and their risks because of the pace of business.

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