What to do during organizational transformation?

The future requires change.

But the way things have always been done holds value, if for no other reason than it is baseline.

And new is not always better.

In fact, it can be worse.

If your organization is experiencing a culture clash between the way things have always been done and the way things could be done, (and the side effects of that clash: loss of market momentum, decreased morale and productivity, churn, etc.), the solution is not force.

It’s empathy.

And it must be signaled from leadership.

To those steadfast team members who have carried the mission and taken pride in their contribution to it: that institutional knowledge is worth its weight in gold and has an integral place in creating the future.

To those who are ready to infuse fresh ideas and perspectives: that energy, creativity, and smarts is fuel for what can be.

The real challenge during a merger or organizational transformation is not bringing two organizations together or charting a course.

As rigorous as that process is, the work of the future is yet to happen.

The true transformation occurs when organizational wisdom and future possibility are integrated.


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