1. Talent

– Finding

– Attracting

– Retaining

– Getting the best from

– Creating advancement pathways for

– Matching to the right roles

– Building cohesion and trust among

– Inspiring and rallying

– Anticipating gaps in

– Filling a pipeline with

– Creating diversity among

– Planning succession for

– Leveraging

– Delegating to

– Ensuring smooth, accountable execution from

To name a few.

The other two issues?

  1. Growth
  2. Extricating yourself from the weeds — what one of my clients once called “the tyranny of the daily” — to execute where you matter the most while also reducing your workload.

Numbers 2 & 3 are dependent on number 1.

Whoever decided to refer to talent-related matters as “soft” skills, or anything other than “vital,” wasn’t running a business.


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