Many of you wrote to tell me that last week’s blog post on my yoga class resonated.

And in this week’s class, something resonated with me.

I don’t really know what kind of yoga I do.  I go, I breathe, I stretch, I try to remember to breathe while stretching.  My body and soul feel better for it.

My teacher sounded much like she always does, suggesting that if we find that if we’re not getting enough of a stretch in a certain pose, that we might straighten a leg, for example.  Or, conversely, if we’re feeling too much of a stretch, or feeling it in the wrong place, how we can adjust.

Pretty simple.

But this is the essence of her teaching, and why I will rearrange my schedule to sit in her class.

First, there is the cue to check in with myself.

Next, there is the guidance for what to do with what I find.

One without the other is far less helpful.

In combination, they are powerful.

And the best of the teachers who teach me use both.


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